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El's own Bagel Snaps are mixed up with some other good things: potato chips, corn chips, pretzels, and corn nuts. We stir them up with our zesty spice blend in a great tasting sauce, bake it all together and our Medleys Snack Mix is the result.Medleys perk up your taste buds as you savor their zest and crunch. Now you have everything you want, but aren't getting anywhere else: a gluten-free snack that actually tastes great!
El's is proud to offer the only gluten free bagel chip on the market. We take gluten free flours, some canola oil, yeast and water to create our hand-made Bagels. But it’s El’s own spice blend that gives them that extra kick. And it’s the way we slice and bake them that gives our Bagel Snaps their distinctive crunch. They're great on their own, as well as with your favorite dip.
The only GF form of Pringles is Pringles Light, which are fat free. This being said, the Pringles Light flavor contains Olean-or olestra, which is known for other producing other digestive disorders including anal leakage.
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