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The first Certified gluten free fruitcake.  A blend of pure fruits, nuts, gluten free flours, sweetened with honey, spices and drizzled with fine  liqueurs.  No artificial preservatives.  No artificial coloring. No corn syrup.  Just hand made in Vermont goodness.
Zinzino is an Omega 3, vitamin D supplement for wellness. It is certified gluten free. 
Mini Melts makes delicious gourmet frozen desserts. All flavours are believed gluten free except for Cookies & Cream.
Dr Pepper manufactures, bottles and distributes more than 50 brands of carbonated soft drinks, juices, teas, mixers, waters and other premium beverages.
The following flavors are confirmed to be gluten-free: Bear Creek CaramelBoston Vanilla BeanCape Cod Fudge ShopColonial Chocolate AlmondHomemade VanillaMaine Blueberry & Sweet CreamMartha's Vineyard Black RaspberryMoosehead Lake FudgeMount Washington Chocolate Peanut Butter CupMystic White GoldRhode Island Lighthouse CoffeeVermont Maple NutLight VanillaLight Chocolate ChipLight CoffeeLight Martha's Vineyard Black RaspberryOrange SherbetBlack Raspberry SherbetWildberry SherbetRainbow Sherbet
The following flavors of Hood Ice Cream are gluten-free: Butter PecanChocolate ChipChocolate Classic TrioCreamy CoffeeFudge TwisterGolden VanillaLight Moosehead Lake FudgeLight Under the StarsMaple WalnutMint Chocolate ChipNatural Vanilla BeanPatchworkPeanut Butter CupStrawberry
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